Who We Are

Precious Life Enrichment (PLE) is a member of the Precious Life Group, which works closely with the counsellors and trainers from Singapore Counselling Centre and the ACC Institute of Human Services to develop programmes suitable for various stakeholders in a youth’s life — schools, parents, teachers, and more. Members of the Precious Life Group include:

Singapore Counselling Centre

Singapore Counselling Centre (SCC) provides professional counselling, psychotherapy and psychological services for those experiencing personal, relationship, and work related difficulties. SCC supports organisations through its Employee Assistance Programme, talks, workshops and counselling services.

ACC Institute of Human Services

Established in 2003, ACC Institute of Human Services is a Private Education Institution registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) that offers a wide variety of courses on counselling, psychology and special needs leading to Certificate, Diploma and Specialist Diplomas.

Singapore Emergency Responder Academy

Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA) is an accredited first aid, life support and psychosocial training centre. It aims to develop a nation lifesavers and provides training to members of the public, corporate organisations and public institutions.

Our Mission

To support schools in developing a generation of youths equipped with effective life skills and mental resources needed to flourish in life.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of effectuating a generation of youths who actively (and effectively) cultivate their wealth of intrapersonal resources through the adoption of empowering mindsets, positive coping skills, and the development of competence in key aspects of life.